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    The aim of this website is to spread awareness among the people regarding online security. There is a lot of risk when we browse the internet or even use a computer system which is generally taken for granted by people. Only those who fall prey and suffer losses are able to learn about it the hard way. But you don’t have to. For a nominal price you can purchase multitude of our guides (check out offer section), which will guarantee you mental peace and security. If you don’t want to shell out any money, we have informative articles to get you covered. Feel free to explore the website and see for yourself.

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    The guide has become a best seller and have received numerous positive reviews from people. Some people liked it to an extent that they believe it changed their way of thinking. We don't promise that it will change your life, but we do promise that it is a very interesting read which will be extremely helpful […]

  • Real Life Examples

    A person understands best with examples This philosophy is being followed throughout the book. It is filled with real life and hypothetical examples to make you understand everything. The examples are interesting as well as informative to keep things inside your head for a long time. Not once will you feel any burden of things […]

  • Extremely Informative

    Whether you are a person who just casually use the computer or a person who is technically sound, this book will teach you the things you would never have heard of. It is a guarantee that after reading this book, you will carrying a wealth of information which will stay with you forever to protect […]

  • This ebook is absolutely outstanding, astonishing.This book hits the concept of staying safe online right in the bull’s eye. This is useful for people of all technical skill type, ranging from the computer noob to the tech savvy. This ebook covers a multitude of the most frequent issues in the digital world today, and provide clear and concise information on how to stay safe. It also includes a quiz at the end, to sear in and make sure you’ve mastered the information you’ve learned by the time you’re done reading this piece.I can assure you, I can promise you. This eBook is worth every bit of your money.
    I would recommend this book to anyone who is conscious about their presence online, and wants to stay safe. ~Scymo
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    The author of the website Harsh Maurya is a software developer by profession an ethical hacker by hobby.He did engineering from a reputed Indian college and worked at many software multi-national companies. On the personal front, he has been running various online campaigns for awareness against malicious hackers and aims to spread the knowledge among common people to be safe from all kinds of online threats. You can help in spreading the awareness by sharing whatever you have learnt and help making internet a better and safe place to be.


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